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We offer a broad range of services tailored to the requirements and needs of our Customers. In each case our services are customised.

The variety of investment solutions available on the market means that standardized products are not always sufficient to meet the requirements of collective investment institutions or investment product distributors. Thanks to our experience, qualified staff and access to our databases we are able to prepare an individual offer tailored to our Customers’ individual needs.
Our offer includes both services dedicated to collective investment institutions as well as investment product distributors and their customers.
We support our customers by preparing Fund Sheets and Key Investor Information Documents, thereby allowing them to save the time needed for updating these documents and providing them with a guarantee of high quality and compliance with effective laws.
We provide them with data whose scope, variety, cyclicity and delivery method differ from customer to customer.
We concentrate on improving the qualifications of distribution chain employees by running professional training and supplying them with periodical bulletins supporting sales. In each case both the training and the bulletin are adjusted to the specific nature of the institution and its offer, as well as employees and customers.
Our customers use analytical reports developed by us when determining market strategy. Meanwhile, by performing offer audits we participate in the process of optimizing a customer’s product offer, recommending the solutions we find the best.
We help our customers to reinforce their image, enabling and supporting their promotion and advertising on our analizy.pl website.
The scope of our services is constantly evolving in response to our customers’ needs and the changing market environment.